A well-qualified, resourceful, and experienced firm that blends attractive backgrounds of the "Big 4" CPA firm environments with prompt, efficient, and personal service historically regarded as the trademark of local CPA firms

Who We Are

Andsager, Bartlett & Pieroni, LLP is a boutique tax firm located in East Providence, RI.  The hallmark of our firm is how we blend years of national firm “Big 4” experience into a local firm setting. With 13 professionals at Andsager, Bartlett & Pieroni, LLP, our size perfectly serves our clients. Small enough to offer close and personal attention, yet large enough to handle most engagements. Our firm’s partners and principals have combined national and public accounting firm experience which exceeds 90 years. Those years of experience have exposed each of us to a wealth of businesses, individuals, and consulting experiences.

Our Clients

Located all over the country, our clients represent a diverse cross-section of varied industries observing various fiscal year-ends throughout the year.  Our practice, therefore, is not dominated by single client, a single industry, nor a single year-end.

Nearly 70% of our clients presently serviced by us were formerly serviced by “Big 8” (now “Big 4”) CPA firms. We are proud to say that our style and our quality of service – and all of the attributes that philosophy of service embraces – has compared very favorably, and even surpassed, that which those clients previously enjoyed.

With a focus on attracting a certain quality of clients, we perform an appropriate due diligence client acceptance process at ABP, LLP. This is done to assure ourselves, as well as assure our existing clients, that the character, principles, and moral strength of our clients is representative of someone whom we would be proud to serve. In addition, someone that our other clients would be proud to be associated with.

Our Resources

Our library and its publication services are the most advanced and most complete of any firm our size in the area.  These resources allow us to be constantly informed of financial, consulting, and tax issues facing our clients. We have sophisticated electronic research and planning resource capabilities, which allows us to access court cases, revenue rulings, revenue procedures, statutes, regulations, etc. It can also be used for research support on any project – even the most isolated or unusual of issues.


Our Commitment to Quality

In order to ensure the observance and the maintenance of the quality of our practice and of the service to our clients, our firm is a member of the Private Companies Practice Section of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Membership in this division is voluntary. It involves certain quality control prerequisites and a peer review of the quality of a firm’s accounting and tax practice.